Reference a datawindow object (nested report) in a datawindow

Is it possible to reference a datawindow object in a datawindow?

My scenario :

I have a datawindow (composite) which holds another datawindow (nested 
This child datawindow has a OLE ActiveX object which I am trying to access 
from the window which holds the composite datawindow.

The reason for this is because I need to access the ActiveX 
properties/functions after the composite datawindow have been retrieved.

I've tried to get a reference to the child datawindow :

//DataWindowChild dwc_activex
dw1.getchild("dw_activex", dwc_activex)

But as datawindowchild object does not support this syntax:


Am I facing the limits of the what can be done with datawindows here?

0 O 11/26/2009 12:19:37 PM

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