A strange problem when modify the text property of Text objects in a Crosstab DataWindow.

I want to modify the text property of some Text objects of a dynamically
defined crosstab DataWindow.  After the CrosstabDialog() is executed, I
get a new defined Crosstab. Then I execute the following statements in a

if  dw_crosstab.describe(ls_object + ".Type") = "text"   then
	if  left( dw_crosstab.describe(ls_object + ".Text"), 1 ) <> '@'   then
		ls_modify_string = ls_modify_string + ls_object + ".text='zzz' "
	end if
end if 

After loop is over, dw_crosstab.Modify(ls_modify_string) is called.

There is no syntax error, and when the Crosstab has only one row, the
program runs normally. But once the number of the rows is set more than
one, the program is terminated and returns to Win95.  Is it because of a
bug? How to solve this promblem? The edition of my PB is 6.0.
0 WangYu 8/18/1998 12:42:50 PM

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