Bug 801266 Add label for Error Console's filter box - Bug 856571 Move accesskey for Error Console's filter box back

If you look at an Aurora SeaMonkey nightly you will notice that the 
Error Console's filter box is currently using Firefox's access key, 
which may or may not conflict with the menu bar.

If you look at a trunk nightly you will see that the accesskey specified 
in consoleOverlay.dtd is working again. I hope to get the 
mozilla-central change uplifted to mozilla-aurora.

However the problem arises that accesskey may not actually be present in 
the label. Certainly this affects the en-US locale because I happened to 
choose K as the access key. This means that I need to write a patch to 
fix the access key in the en-US locale at least.

Do I need to update the string's name because it's effectively an access 
key for a different control now? If I do then please consider this 
message as your warning of a late l10n change.

Warning: May contain traces of nuts.

0 Neil 4/4/2013 11:04:41 AM

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