ANN: RVMedia prerelease (IP cameras, video chats, etc.)

RVMedia is a new set if components with the following functions:
- displaying video from local webcams and IP cameras via the network;
- controlling IP camera movement;
- configuring IP cameras;
- reading sound from a microphone;
- sending and receiving video and audio via the network (both using a direct
connection or a client-server model);
- organizing video chats.

RVMedia is a set VCL components (a Lazarus version will be available in near
future; Firemonkey in not so near future)

Currently RVMedia is in a final stage of beta testing.
Compiled demos and screenshots are available:
* - video from cameras,
9 demos
* - sending audio and
video using a direct connection, 2 demos
* - sending audio and
video using a media server (video chats variations), 4 demos

Help file:

A trial version will be uploaded and sales started later in October.
Meanwhile you can request a trial version by email.

RVMedia is not directly related to our primary products, TRichView and
ScaleRichView. However, they are fit together: TRichView is already used in
chats and messengers, so together with RVMedia it can be used to build a
video chat (for example, a video conference where uses can include images
and tables in messages); a demo will be available later in this month.

-- Sergey Tkachenko
0 Sergey 10/8/2013 12:01:15 PM

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