problems listenening to events on a custom server control from another custom server control

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I am having problems listening to events on one of custom server controls(AddBookmark) from another custom server control(BookmarkList). The listener or the BookmarkList control has a property that can be set to the AddBookmark control (string at design but the reference is obtained at run-time). I am able to get a reference to the AddBookmark control and add a listener to it on the BookmarkList control on the OnPrender of BookmarkList. But the problem is that when the events on AddBookmark gets fired, the listener added from the BookmarkList is no longer present and the listener on BookmarkList never gets raised. If i add a listener to AddBookmark control events on the Page, it works fine. But not the listener on Bookmakrs List. Has anybody come across this before or have suggestions on how to go about fixing or troubleshooting it? Any help in this regard would be appreciated. Both controls do implement INamingContainer.


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0 vish 1/29/2008 5:22:44 AM

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