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I recently purchased O'Reilly Learning ASP.NET 3.5 2nd Edition. The book shows installing Visual Web Developer 2008, and choosing SQL Server 2005 Express Edition.  However Visual Web Developer now only includes SQL Server 2008 Express. 

The book includes example using the AdventureWorks database and I am trying to install this.  The book includes links to the CodePlex site to download the files, but I am assume that the SQL Server 2005 version does not work with SQL Server 2008?  I found the 2008 version of AdventureWorks on the CodePlex website but this seems to be a far bigger file which contains loads of databases, and does not install anyway as it seems to need the full version of SQL Server and actually tries to do the linking of the database to SQL Server.

Can anybody please help me with straightforward instructions on how to link in the AdventureWorks database to SQL Server 2008 Express?

Many thanks

Peter Jones
Bognor Regis

0 JonesyP 1/3/2009 12:16:48 PM

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