Visual Web Developer Express 2005 and Visual Studio .Net 2005

I have Visual Studio .NET installed and have purchased a textbook for learning that uses examples, cases, and projects which reference use of Visual Web Developer Express 2005 (VWD). I have discovered that there are some nuances of differences between the Web UI in Visual Studio .Net 2005 and VWD. Therefore, I want to install VWD. I downloaded VWD and started to install it but stopped as I noticed the intallation as about to copy all it's files into the same directory the contained Visual Studio. I'm scared I'm going to **** up my Visual Studio installation, so I thought I'd ask if anyone have any experience installing both these programs on the same computer.

 From what I've read in the textbook, it ways it's possible. The textbook also indicates there are some added features in VWD not available in Visual Studio 2005 Web development environment.

 Can someone tell me if they have installed both these without trouble and confirm that the VWD seems to be the better web developement environment offer in the Visual suite of products.



0 Fred411 9/26/2007 7:31:25 PM

I have both installed on my computer and have had no problems with it. I am currently using Web Developer and not VS .NET, only for the fact that VWD has the capabilities to handle everything I need to do. I would say it depends on what you are trying to do to determine which you should use. There isn't really a way to say one is better than the other as it depends on the user. I would recommend installing the two programs in two seperate folders though, to combat any problems that may arise from them sharing a folder.

0 bolinc 9/26/2007 9:33:33 PM

Thanks for your response, bolinc, but upon more detailed review of the installation process of VWD over VS, the VWD installation process is giving me information that I cannot install VWD in a custom directory but has to be installed into the VS directories. Info is coming back at me saying VWD is dependent on being installed within and over VS. So, I'm **** in my gut and moving forward with the default installation.

0 Fred411 9/26/2007 10:01:05 PM

You generally don't need VWD Express if you have VS. VS includes everything that is in VWD. You can set Web development profile in VS and that is pretty much equal to VWD.

Both applications can be installed SxS, but they will share certian IDE components.



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0 Mikhail 9/26/2007 11:03:15 PM

It should install both in a directory Microsoft Visual Studio, but inside that main folder should be two seperate folders, one for Visual Studio 2005/.NET or whatever version you are installing and one for Visual Web Developer 2005 Express Edition. That is what I meant by two seperate folders. You should not have both installed in the same folder.

0 bolinc 9/27/2007 2:49:05 PM

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