SQL query that works in SQL Server Management Studio, but doesn't on .NET 2.0 page

SELECT favorites.FID, favorites.filename, favorites.username, files.status, files.private, files.views, files.title FROM favorites INNER JOIN files ON favorites.filename = files.filename WHERE (favorites.username = @username) AND (files.status IS NULL) AND (files.private = @private)

@private is manually set to 'no'
@username is set to profile.username

when I run the above query in microsoft sql server mgmt studio express on the database, it presents all the information i'm asking for very easily. however when i try to implement this query on a aspx .net2.0 page with teh sqldatasource and a gridview, no data is displayed.

anyone know what my problem is?

0 orion846 2/21/2008 8:49:06 PM

Show us how you're doing it with the Grid, and the Datasource control

David Wier
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0 augustwind 2/21/2008 9:14:19 PM

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