Does .NET map calls for ADO to ADO.NET?


We are trying to troubleshoot some DB problems from COM objects that call ADO. I heard that when ADO is loaded inside of a COM object by a .NET app, that .NET intercepts the call and re-maps those calls over to ADO.NET. This seems untrue to me, given the nature of ADO.NET being a totally separate technology.

Does anyone know for sure whether this does or does not occur?

The problem we are seeing is actually almost identical in symptoms to this:

"FIX: Data Queries Sporadically Return Empty Recordsets"

 Literally, this is what is happening, but we are on MDAC 2.8, so it should not have the leak any more. I think I made another post about that, so I won't repeat it here. It makes me think there is a similar memory problem.





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0 xzg3 6/10/2008 1:54:40 PM

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