how to call server side function from client side javascript?

Hi all, I have a image button in the update panel. I would like to call a method from server side (not from webservice) to get the variable when Onclick on the image button is invoked. Is there any way that I can able to access this function from the client script?

0 ITSASPDOTNET 6/25/2008 1:27:54 AM

In using the UpdatePanel, in essence, you're already doing this because there will not be a full postback.  You can make an asynchronous call to your Click method of your ImageButton.  So, what do you want to do with this "variable"?

Christopher Reed
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0 Careed 6/25/2008 1:55:24 AM

 Yes there is a way. This is discussed here :

1.> Set the EnablePageMethods attribute to true

something like....

0 ericpanorel 6/25/2008 9:57:46 PM

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