VS.Net 2003 Conversion to VS.Net 2005 issues

I've recently installed and started using VS.Net 2005 and have converted a web service solution to .Net 2.0 which works fine. I have an ASP.Net application [still .Net 1.1] that consumed this web service and now I cannot get it to work. Previously this was referencing the binary created for the web service but obviously this binary is no longer created. I have changed this reference to a web reference and now use the WSDL files i've generated from the web service but I get the following error.

// Error Details
Exception Details: System.Net.WebException: The request failed with the error message: -- Object moved

Object moved to here.

// Error Details

I can't find anything anywhere about AspxAutoDetectCookieSupport and am needing help as I don't have time to upgrade my ASP.Net application to .Net 2.0 just yet.

Any ideas?
0 moe3672 11/22/2005 5:18:34 PM

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