Problem with Project Migrating from .net 1.1 to .net 2.0


i am working in .net 1.1 and i am working on a web service. it 's working fine in .net 1.1 with vs2003 but when i migrated my WS from .net 1.1 to .net 2.0 i am getting System.FormatException while converting datetime from string using DateTime.Parse method. it was not happening earlier when i was using .net 1.1. My WS converted from vs2003 to vs2005 using a wizard and it doesn's shows a single error.


i did lots of googling on this issue but didnot gets any help ,

so any reply in the matter will be highly appericiable.


vishal sharma

0 vishalsharma 2/13/2007 11:21:36 AM

What format was your String in when you are trying to convert it?  I.e., "3/12/2007", "March 12, 2007", "3/12/2007 1:45:02 PM".

As a quick workaround, try

0 ps2goat 2/13/2007 3:09:52 PM

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