ADO.NET Visual Studio 2005 Install Help!, ADO.NET Missing

 Hi everyone

I have a real annoying problem, I have installed Visual Studio 2005 with C#,C++,Web Applications.. Before I installed VS2005 I made sure I had all the .Net Download from 1.1 to 3.5 with the Service Packs, I also Installed a VS2005 Patch that was around 430mb. I have tried this on 3 computers, two of XP and 1 vista.

I need ADO.NET Functionality, When I choose to create a Web Application in C#, I require the ADO.NET Entity Data Model as it will allow for a graphical interaction with a SQL db. However When I Choose Add New Item in Solution explorer there is no ENtity Model, I then require a ADO.NET Data Service Item which is not available either. It is as if anything ADO.NET is missing..maybe the Framework?. I have tried it on various PCs with no luck, I must be doing something wrong.

Any Advice is greatly appreciated.

0 stuggyg01_02 2/27/2009 8:02:30 PM

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