(newbie) Installation completed... but can't login with 'host' or 'admin'

Can't do the first step after
completing installation: login with default host or admin accounts.
What and where should I modify?
I did the installation by the book (by the video tutorial, to be precise ;) and got stuck here, since whatever I try, I cannot access the host or admin account.
Thanks in advance.

0 Yssaro 10/31/2005 7:53:03 AM
If you can't login with host/host or admin/admin, it appears that your installation failed!

I would start the process over by doing the following:

1.   Delete the instance of DNN created in SQL server.
2.   Delete the existing DNN files in the folder you chose.
3.   Unzip the non-source version of DNN into the folder you have chosen.
4.   Rename the release.config to web.config.
5.   Edit the web.config to point to your installation of SQL Server.
6.   Make sure that IIS "sees" your site on the folder that you chose.
7.   Browse to your site.

Believe it or not, after a few tries it actually becomes quite easy to perform.  Try it a few time locally, and it will become second nature.

0 TSchwingle 10/31/2005 11:34:28 AM
Does it give you the chance to login?  I mean web page up...Let us know if the above mentioned steps (reinstall) work for you.
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0 dsmith678 10/31/2005 12:35:37 PM

First of all, thank you guys for your support. Though I really haste wasting someone's precious time on childish problems, it seems that after following all the steps mentioned above, I find myself at the same point Sad [:(]
So, here's the data:
I am trying to install DNN 3.01.01 locally on a WinXP Pro SP2, with .NET Framework 1.1 installed and MS SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition up and running.
After deleting the previous installation (the database in SQL, the folder on disk and the virtual folder in IIS), I reinstalled everything (and I think it is for the fifth time or so...), checked and double-checked it and I'm still here: DNN installation reports as completed, I go to the default page [http://localhost/DotNetNuke/Home/tabid/36/Default.aspx] and from there to the login page [http://localhost/DotNetNuke/Home/tabid/36/ctl/Login/Default.aspx].
Here is what's happening: if I try logging in as admin / admin, I am looped back to the default home page; if I try the host / host login, sometimes I'm sent back to the same default home page; sometimes the browser just finds it difficult to load any page... Huh? [:^)].
Now, if the DotNetNuke database in SQL server seems to be alright and with the correct privileges and the IIS virtual directory also points out correctly to my DotNetNuke folder on the disk, plus the renaming of release.config file in web.config and setting the parameters, where would be the problem then?

P.S. The most frustrating thing is that 2 weeks ago, when I first tried DNN, everything went just fine, clean install and there I started to play with it and messing it up in the end, so I figured that a reinstall would do just fine. Well, obviously, it wasn't so easy and I don't want to mention that I actually tried four or five times to install it, but it kept failing so that I reinstalled Win in the end ;)

0 Yssaro 10/31/2005 2:21:18 PM

I also do have the same problem. After entering legal username/password on the login page I just returned to the home page without beeing logged in. Eventualy I find out that it was my Firewall program (ZoneAlarm) that prevented me from beeing logged in (probaly som cookie settings). I haven't figured out the correct setting for ZoneAlarm so I have to turn it off when working with DotNetNuke.

Hope this could be to any help.
0 larskolsa 10/31/2005 9:36:36 PM
Thanks a lot !! You were right and very
helpful: it was my ZoneAlarm firewall. I think I'll also do it the same
way, turn it off while working with DNN.
I only wish there was a clear indication somewhere in this forum, I don't know where - something like a "WARNING SECTION" about things like this... Thanks again.

0 Yssaro 11/1/2005 8:13:12 AM

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