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I would like to use the control "HTML Textbox" (from the discussion AddPost page) on a form I'm developing for another project.  Can anyone tell me the specifics for getting all the code I need to make this work outside the Community Starter Kit?

Thanks much!!!
0 duppypog 8/25/2003 2:14:20 PM
Quickly reading through it the class seems pretty self contained. Besides remapping the hardcoded paths for the emoticons and JavaScript, it looks like the only area where it references something else within the CSK is in the HtmlTextBox method where it checks to see if an HTMLTextBox is allowed for the current section.
0 kanati 8/25/2003 2:26:20 PM
Thanks for the quick response!  Please clarify - what files from the CSK do I need?

0 duppypog 8/25/2003 3:11:52 PM
Sorry! :)

Engine\Framework\ContentPages\Controls\HtmlTextBox.cs (or .vb)
0 kanati 8/25/2003 3:20:28 PM
Thanks again for the info.  I've got the .vb file.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to add it to the aspx page.  In the Community project, the html says , so how do I include it on my page that is not part of the community project?

I know I sound really **** - I've not used custom controls before. Thanks for your patience!
0 duppypog 8/25/2003 7:33:39 PM
at the top of your aspx page  add the line:

<%@ Register TagPrefix="[mytagprefix]" Namespace="[my.namespace.here]" Assembly="[my.assembly.name]" %>
replacing the items within the [] with the appropriate information relevant to your project. Then within the page at the the point where you want the control to appear the tag will look something like
Hope that's clear enough, rather hard to explain in a short post.
0 kanati 8/25/2003 8:09:10 PM

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