Data error that raise an exception class EDBClient 'Invalid parameter.'

I have another problem with the same table of the database that I asked for help on my previous post dated Ago 20th.
Resolved the problem with lower/upper case field names of database used to compose an SQL on my C++ Builder application, then I successfully run the function that I worked on that basically read a .CSV file that have less than four thousand records. The insertion of those records to the InterBase table is done by SQL commands executed from Client side to the Server side application with DataSnap. 
The first approach to the new problem: after all records were successfully imported with my function and when I try to navigate using IBConsole, to the last record of the table where those records was inserted to, I had an "Insufficient Memory" error message. I checked the length of the fields for all records and decided to reduce the length of two big Varchar kind fields, allowing the solution of this error on the IBConsole.
The second approach: but probably the error is still there, may be in other layer, because now the DataSnap server is not working well regarding this table operations, and when I try to restart it simply does not start and shows an "Invalid parameter." error message. Previously was the Client side application which raise an exception class EDBClient with message "Invalid parameter." but only once. Now if I use IBConsole the data appear to be ok and respond well to navigation and to any query, but the Serv
er side application does not start and show the "Invalid parameter." error message. If I empty the table and click the Commit&Refresh button then the Server side application start and run well again.
I have tried many test's without success, for example: restoring database, drop and re-create the table, looking for rare records, inserting records directly with IBConsole and not with my function. Please help me about how to catch this kind of error message.
Thanks in advance,
Patricio Cerda
8/31/2013 3:14:30 AM
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