Converting a list of string into string

When I try the following code in Prism I get the  error
"Error	8	(CE15) Type mismatch, cannot assign array of System.String to 
System.String	"
mobileNumberList :List<string>
mobNumberArray    :string
  mobNumberArray := mobileNumberList.ToArray();//error here

What needs to be done to convert an array of strings to a string
12/6/2009 5:19:29 AM
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Venkatesh VT a écrit :
> When I try the following code in Prism I get the  error
> "Error	8	(CE15) Type mismatch, cannot assign array of System.String to 
> System.String	"
> *****************************************************************
> var
> mobileNumberList :List<string>
> mobNumberArray    :string
> Begin
>   mobileNumberList.add('1234567890');
>   mobNumberArray := mobileNumberList.ToArray();//error here
> end;
> ***************************************************************
> What needs to be done to convert an array of strings to a string
> Venkatesh

you can use the String.Join method to convert an Array of strings to a concatenated string, 
with separators.
The ToArray method just returns an array of strings from any IEnumerable<String> (in your case).
12/6/2009 6:36:56 AM

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