Problem with IdIPMCastClient Indy 10 Delphi 2009

Migrating an app from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 2009, I have run into a problem with IdIPMCastClient.
Set Active to false raise exception 10049 cannot set address.
Close the socket or reset socket you get either 10022 or 10038
If you disconnect and connect again by the 3rd time you will not receive any data.
Having trouble updating to lastest dev snapshot.
Any suggestions
3/10/2009 5:19:58 AM
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> {quote:title=Michael DuPree wrote:}{quote}
> Migrating an app from Delphi 2007 to Delphi 2009, I have run into a problem with IdIPMCastClient.
> Set Active to false raise exception 10049 cannot set address.
> Close the socket or reset socket you get either 10022 or 10038
> If you disconnect and connect again by the 3rd time you will not receive any data.
> Having trouble updating to lastest dev snapshot.
> Any suggestions
> Regards
> Mike

OK I've worked through this issue.
The latest Dev SnapShot corrects this issue.
The main problem was when closing the binding, the IP address did not match the address assigned.
on Close During call from Drop membership IP =

procedure TIdStackBSDBase.MembershipSockOpt(AHandle: TIdStackSocketHandle;
  const AGroupIP, ALocalIP: String; const ASockOpt: Integer;
  const AIPVersion: TIdIPVersion = ID_DEFAULT_IP_VERSION);

the updated code passes the correct IP

I had some issues not yet understood, after I first update to the latest snapshot. When stepping through the code a few line got skipped, the for loop
procedure TIdIPMCastClient.CloseBinding;
  i: integer;
  if Assigned(FCurrentBinding) then begin
    // Necessary here - cancels the recvfrom in the listener thread
-->    for i := 0 to Bindings.Count - 1 do begin
-->      GStack.DropMulticastMembership(Bindings[i].Handle, FMulticastGroup, Bindings[i].IP, Bindings[i].IPVersion);
    FCurrentBinding := nil;
Long story short, I rebuilt the unit IdIPMCastClient, and now things work.
I can switch between NICs, set Active to True/False and not errors.
In closing:
I've read many post about the procedure to update Indy. They are correct there are many broken links and the instructions are not very clear, if you have not done this before. These instructions:



Indy 10 Installation Instructions

All packages are followed by X0 (Where X is your Delphi verison).
Example: For Delphi 6, the IndySystem package would be named: IndySystem60.dpk

(Please note that SuperCore has not been finished and is not currently usable).

1) Download source from the Development Snapshot.

Delphi / BCB Installation

2) Open and compile .dpk files in the following order:

         1. IndySystemX0.dpk (in Lib\System)
         2. IndyCoreX0.dpk (in Lib\Core)
         3. IndyProtocolsX0.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

3) Now open these .dpk files and click install in the following order:

         1. dclIndyCoreX0.dpk (in Lib\Core)
         2. dclIndyProtocolsX0.dpk (in Lib\Protocols)

4) In your Indy directory you should now see some compiled .dcu files. Open your Delphi IDE and goto the menu Tools>Environment options> Select Library tab. Now add the path to your .dcu files into the filepath collection. Click Ok.

Are correct if you understand what needs to be installed. and the dcl*** is very easy to miss.

An easier to find link as to what to download, the Branches statements, isn't clear to the uninformed, about Trunk and Tiburon.
I'm back to working, the newer code makes it easier to switch NICs than the version release with Delphi 2007.
3/10/2009 7:43:49 PM

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