Indy 10.6 compiler error with Free Pascal 2.6.0

In IdMessageClient.pas, the FPC compiler shows three errors where Free 
is called on interface types (IIdTextEncoding):

IdMessageClient.pas(717,23) Error: identifier idents no member "Free"
IdMessageClient.pas(762,27) Error: identifier idents no member "Free"
IdMessageClient.pas(780,29) Error: identifier idents no member "Free"

I uncommented the calls to LAnsiEncoding.Free; as a quick fix (but did 
not test for potential side effects or memory leaks).

After this fix the compiler found an error in line 749:

         CheckByteEncoding(VBytes, CharsetToEncoding(FCharset), 

the first argument "VBytes" is undefined, I repplaced VBytes with LBytes 
to fix this.

Michael Justin
4/29/2013 7:38:22 PM
embarcadero.delphi.winsock 1874 articles. 2 followers. Follow

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Michael wrote:

> In IdMessageClient.pas, the FPC compiler shows three errors where Free
> is called on interface types (IIdTextEncoding):

Good catch.  I have checked in a fix for that.

> I uncommented the calls to LAnsiEncoding.Free; as a quick fix (but did
> not test for potential side effects or memory leaks).

There will not be any memory leak since IIdTextEncoding is a reference counted 
interface that will be freed automatically.

> After this fix the compiler found an error in line 749:


Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
4/29/2013 8:27:23 PM

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