How to create Remote Folders


I need my application to create remote (WW) Folders on a server so I can upload web pages. 

for example www.udopage/excel/

How do I create the excel folder on a web server from my local application..

Cheers Peter Skinner.

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Peter Skinner wrote:

> Hi
> I need my application to create remote (WW) Folders on a server so I
> can upload web pages.
> for example www.udopage/excel/
> How do I create the excel folder on a web server from my local
> application..

One generally maintains a website, its folders and content via FTP.
Indy, for example, has easy to use FTP components.

Ray Marron
8/29/2008 3:33:02 PM
<Peter Skinner> wrote in message
> for example www.udopage/excel/
> How do I create the excel folder on a web server from my local 
> application..

Generally you can't unless the site has FTP access. IF your limited to http 
access (such as CPanel) you could theoretically write code to work with 
TIdHTTPClient but I'm sure it would be complex.

If you have FTP access then the way forward is to use TIdFTPClient. will have tips on using it to list folders on a FTP 

It's actually easy to create a folder but listing them and finding a folder 
with the name you want is a little more complex.

Good luck
8/29/2008 5:26:12 PM

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