How to build enterprise-grade Delphi app - middleware, Hibernate for Delphi [Edit]


It would be nice to build enterprise-grade appl with Delphi, but are the options or third party software (like in J2EE) to do this?
1) there is J2EE middleware for hosting components - developer is not required to handle all the issues that are connected with session handling and different contexts in which the components can be stored (like application, session, request context, etc.). I understand that some of this can be done in DataSnap or in Web Services (can be even PHP, Java or .NET) and Delphi client - but in both cases there are some drawbacks:
- for DataSnap - much should be built from scratch and there can be doubts whether customer should pay not only for product but also for custom built middleware services as well;
- for WebServices+Delphi client - it can be tricky to do the serialization/deserialization both at the server and at the client. Maybe there is some TDataSet style components that can consume web services that follows special intefaces (aka IAppServer)?

2) there is persistence frameworks for writing OO code - e.g. in Java (or in .NET Entity Framework, or in PHP Doctrine or Propel project) one can write plain old object class and attach it to EntityManager session for persisting in database, the same simple class (or all the tree, if class has references to other classes or collection of classes) can be sent from server to clients, updated and sent back to server to be persisted in database. The same plain class can be put into business rules processor an
d complex results returned and so on. Yes - there is data bining issue - not all visual components (widgets) from non-Delphi languages has so smooth collaboration with data, but then - there can be TEntityDataSet for Delphi as well?

I have found some promising third party software for this:
tiOPF (actually - nice discussion -

 but I would like to know is there some other options that I could have missed at present?

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