Rich Text editor conponent to format rich text

Hi we want to format rich text in a memo with the bold , underline , fonts ect. with basic functions like wordpad. A VCL component for now but later something that will work with firemonkey to format text.

There are a few component out there but they cost more than half the price of Delphi. Is there a basic component out there that can do that and not hundreds of other things as well that we have to pay for that we don't need.

WE got XE4 and want to start all new developments with that and fire monkey where posible, but for now we still use VCL because there still need to develop components for firemonkey to be used successfully.

Or should I reinvent the wheel and add my own format funtions
Please assist, we need to finish a project before 19 September with this as a portion of their reporting

8/20/2013 8:18:52 AM
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Johan Harmse wrote:

> Hi we want to format rich text in a memo with the bold , underline ,
> fonts ect. with basic functions like wordpad. A VCL component for now
> but later something that will work with firemonkey to format text.

For VCL I would definitively use TRichEdit. It has everything that you
need. Maybe later you could switch to third party component.
8/20/2013 8:51:12 AM

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