ANN: WPTools 6.20 for Delphi 5 to Delphi XE2 & C++Builder

WPTools V6.20 is available now. 

If you work with Delphi or C++Builder our WPTools Version 6 is the perfect text wordprocessing component for You. 
It is a native VCL Component with all the editing features which are common to powerful wordprocessing applications and wordprocessing controls. 

With the PRO and Premium License you get 100% object pascal source. WPTools can be used as a powerful word processor and to create programmatically controlled text. It has a very versatile mail-merge feature which can be enhanced with the "WPReporter addon" to also work with bands. So it is the tool to create contracts and similar documents under program control. 

The Premium Licenses adds support for text boxes, footnotes and columns (incl. balancing) to the editor. 

Version 6 comes with innovative label printing and a special HTML mode. It supports Delphi XE2 - with the PRO edition You can also compile 64bit applications. We enhanced the API a lot, there is a new border dialog and new unicode features. It is based on the engine developed for Version 5 and an upgrade should be smooth. (Compared to Version 4 the engine is much andvanced - it was basically rewritten.) 

Internally the WPTools VCL is based on XML like data structures and is completely object oriented. In contrast to other solutions its data structures support "undefined" attributes which makes it possible to implement inherited attributes. So it has a very strong paragraph style support. _Its clean design splits the implementation of data and display, so you can have different views on the same text easily_. 

Due to its architecture it can also help with unconventional solutions, such as sub paragraphs, shared documents and shared styles between documents. 

There is a VCL demo downloadable here: 

Our product *wPDF can be used to create PDF files directly from WPTools* with a few lines of code. Due to the special interaction between the products it can optimize the images and export links and bookmarks as well. Even PDF tags will be created for better PDF/A compliancy. wPDF however can also be used with the common Delphi reporting solutions and also offers metafile to PDF conversion. 

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