ANN: TMS Pack for FireMonkey v1.5 with new TMS Grid for FireMonkey released

We're very proud to announce the availability of TMS Pack for FireMonkey 
v1.5 at that includes our new 
TMS Grid for FireMonkey and also a new Outlook style navigation bar and 
advanced edit controls.


TMS Grid for FireMonkey feature set:
- Fully style-able, customizable and architected from the ground up for 
- Fully cross platform, support for Win32, Win64, Mac OSX, iOS
- High performance: handles >500.000 rows, >10.000 columns without issues
- Import and export: CSV, TXT, ASC, HTML, XML, RTF (native),XLS (native), 
- Clipboard support
- Printing support: print to printer, print to image file, print preview 
- Find & replace including find & replace dialogs
- Various built-in inplace editors: edit, combobox, datepicker, dial, 
spin, €¦ and customizable
- Various built-in cell types: text, bitmap, button, checkbox, radiobutton, 
progressbar, €¦ and customizable
- Cell merging
- Fixed header rows, fixed footer rows, fixed left columns, fixed right 
- Column freezing, row freezing
- Cell scrolling & pixel scrolling modes
- Various selection modes: single cell, range, column, row, disjunct column, 
row, cell
- Sorting: single column & multi column in normal & in grouped mode
- Filtering: programmatic row filtering and filter dropdowns in a column 
header cells
- Grouping: built grouping with group headers, group summary rows
- Calculations: column calculation results in fixed footer row
- HTML formatted text in cells, URL€™s in cells
- Fine grained control over keyboard & mouse interaction
- Lots and lots of smaller features

TMS Pack for FireMonkey v1.5 is a free update for registered users of TMS 
Pack for FireMonkey v1.0 or v1.1.
A trial version can be downloaded at:
It includes over 10 sample applications and an over 100 pages PDF developers 

A brief introduction to the TMS Grid for FireMonkey is given in this 

Background on the release of TMS Grid for FireMonkey can be read in this 

Kind regards,
Bruno Fierens
TMS software team
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7/16/2012 8:52:36 AM
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