ANN: ReportBuilder 14.02 is now available!

Digital Metaphors Corporation announces the release of ReportBuilder 14.02!

ReportBuilder 14.02 includes VCL support for Delphi XE2, XE, 2010, 2009, 
2007, 2006, and Delphi 7.

Notification emails have been sent to all registered users of 
ReportBuilder 14.x.  If you did not receive notification of this release 
please send message to with your serial 
number and purchasing email address for upgrade instructions.

Overview & screenshots:

New Feature List:


Upgrade Now!

Enhancements for RB 14.02

TeeChart 2011
  - added support for Delphi XE2 package names

Scrollable Preview
  - added Drilldown support
  - can generate all pages by setting PageIncrement to 0

  - updated String Translation app with new strings
  - added logic to load new string resources
  - new Danish translation, thank you Kurt Bilde!

Bug Fixes for RB 14.02

  - Fix to handle saving child report layout to directory that no longer 
  - Components w/bottom anchor were shifting up incorrectly
  - Font list was not displaying graphic for TrueType/Printer fonts
  - Added save/restore prefs for DataTreeWindow Treeview/Listview height

  - Delphi XE2 Win64 fixes for typecasting as NativeInt where needed
  - RichText, fix for case in which VCL styles are applied (Delphi XE2)
  - DBRichText was not refreshing the mailmerge stream if data was changed
  - DBCalc, fix possible error when dcCount on a string field
  - PageStyle should use up page space only when Visible
  - DesignLayers, fix to ensure proper layer type selected when adding 

  - Fixed index bounds error that can occur when Group.ResetPageNo is true

  - Scrollable preview, background thread needs to call CoInitialize (COM)
  - ScreenDevice, ensure only one screen device active during page 
  - Viewer was showing a blank screen when the page increment was reached
  - TextSearch, fix for destroy exception that can occur in some situation
  - Zooming out while scrolled to the right caused incorrect page location

  - RTF, added text alignment support for text boxes
  - RTF, right-aligned text components without text were causing tabbing 
  - XLS, fix for exporting DBCalc with CalcType ctCount
  - XLS, fix for case in which WordWrap is true and DataType is not dtString
  - XLSReport, improved mapping multi-line text to rows
  - PDF, double-lines were not positioned correctly in PDF
  - PDF, gradient fill of shapes in PDF was not completely filling the shape
  - PDF, fix for baseline text alignment issue when expoting some 
metafiles to PDF
  - TextFile, divide by 0 error could occur in some cases
  - HTML, image folder name is now FileName_htm_images, rather than Images
  - FileDevice, re-added SetAutoOpen method used by some 3rd party devices
  - Email, altered built-in email dialog interface to allow easier 

-----> Professional <----------

  - QueryDesigner, fix for removing criteria via rt-click (available 
sort order)
  - QueryDesigner, enhanced SQL editor to display line numbers in gutter

  -  ConfigureReportTemplate method is now public to make customization 

  - SQLBuilder, SelectTables.AddJoin method should always add a new join 
  - MagicSQL, when master has group by, detail linking SQL needs to use 

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