ANN: NexusDB 3.10 Starter Edition for Delphi XE2 available

Keeping in spirit with the recent Delphi XE2 release, NexusDB is happy
to announce the immediate availability of the NexusDB Starter Edition
for Delphi XE2, priced at a great Starter price: AUD 75.

You can order your copy from:

The NexusDB Starter Edition is also available for Delphi XE.

The NexusDB Starter Edition is a DCU/binary only edition that features
full C/S capabilities with restricted SQL features. There are no
artificial performance limitations or size restrictions. The NexusDB
Starter Edition supports Delphi XE and XE2 (including Delphi XE/XE2
Starter Edition) only.

The Starter Edition is very competitively priced and targeted at 
hobbyists and small software developers. In line with our normal
policies, the price includes 1 year base support after which a renewal
is necessary to be eligible for further updates. An upgrade from
Starter Edition to the full NexusDB Developer SRC Edition is available
for customers from their "Licenses & Support" page.

The restrictions are as follows:

General restrictions:
* DCU only components
* Support for Delphi XE/XE2 (including Delphi XE/XE2 Starter Edition)
* No Server & Enterprise Manager sources
* Limited to customers with $1,000 US or less profit generated from the 
  applications created with NexusDB and limited to a maximum of 2 
  developers for each organization or company. Once a customer starts 
  making more than $1,000 US or has more developers an upgrade to one
  the NexusDB Developer Editions (DCU or SRC) is mandatory.

Server side restrictions:
* No Triggers
* No Application Server support (ASP.NET, NXScript, .NET)
* No remote commands
* No ADO/.NET connection abilities

Commands not available in SQL:
(in essence SQL is reduced to SELECT queries only)

About NexusDB

NexusDB is a royalty-free, SQL:2003 core compliant, Client/Server
Embedded database system, with features that rival other heavily
licensed  products. NexusDB V3 introduces unique new features for
Delphi and Visual Studio developers while further improving on its core
strengths stability, performance and flexibility.

With NexusDB, you keep your costs down and your competitive advantage

Most important new features in V3:

* The Database server can also be a HTML server/Application server
* HTML based Remote Administration
* Server Side Pascal Scripting
* Dynamic SQL
* SQL extension scripting
* SQL Cursors
* Secure scriptable web Applications
* Nexus Remoting: flexible remoting architecture
* Bulk index building: faster reindex/restructure
* SQL Alias Management
* and many more. 

Please get more details about these new features at:

For pricing and orders please visit:

NexusDB main features:

* High-speed extendible database core architecture
* Full source code of server and client to protect your investment
* SQL:2003 core compliance syntax and features
* SQL triggers
* SQL stored procedures/functions
* SQL views
* Referential Integrity, including self-referencing
* Full locale/unicode support
* Embedded mode (compile the engine directly into your program)
* Nested transactions
* Non-blocking "Snapshot" read-only transactions
* Fulltext indexing
* Global/Session-local/Context-local In Memory tables
* Flexible Delphi component architecture
* Strong Password-protected table encryption
* Embedded tables (multiple database tables in one physical file)
* Variable-length record storage engine reduces storage need
* Includes NexusDB Memory Manager for use in your own projects

For more general info on the NexusDB, please go here:

For a full featured trial version please visit:


The NexusDB Team
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