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Rudy Velthuis (TeamB) wrote:

> > <hides under desk as fire storm about TeamB editing other people's
> > posts re-ignites>
> I was thinking the same.


Andy Syms
Technosoft Systems Ltd
12/3/2009 10:53:05 AM
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Hi, First of all, may Delphi prosper in the new year! Sadly, from time to time great staff move on from Embarcadero, but the product has so many dedicated and loyal users, that hopefully Embarcadero will keep up the development effort on full throttle, and keep prices competitive. I do not know how reliable or meaningful the TIOBE programming language popularity rating in the following link is: According to it, the good news is that the popularity of Delphi seems to have increased over 2010. The bad news is that the...

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Marco van de Voort wrote: > > {quote:title=Rudy Velthuis (TeamB) wrote:}{quote} > > > > preconfigured one in the lazarus install? The other thing I can > > > imagine is that the target GUI is not set to "win32" somehow? In > > > compiler options there is a "test config" button somewhere. > > > > Only one install, a brand new one. I set the target to Win32. > > > > And "test config" stuff etc. should not be necessary. It should work > > right "out of the box". > > Y...

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