windows api functions

Hi,Is my convertion of two Windows API functions to Delphi correct?The 
prototypes of two Windows API functions:LONG TTEmbedFont(
  HDC hDC,
  ULONG ulFlags,
  ULONG ulCharSet,
  ULONG* pulPrivStatus,
  ULONG* pulStatus,
  WRITEEMBEDPROC lpfnWriteToStream,
  LPVOID lpvWriteStream,
  USHORT* pusCharCodeSet,
  USHORT usCharCodeCount,
  USHORT usLanguage,
);typedef unsigned long( WINAPIV *WRITEEMBEDPROC ) (
  void* lpvWriteStream,
  const void* lpvBuffer,
  const unsigned long cbBuffer,
There is my conversion:function TTEmbedFont(hDC: THandle; 
ulFlags: DWORD;              ulCharSet: DWORD;              var 
ulPrivStatus: DWORD;              var ulStatus: DWORD; 
lpfnWriteToStream: TWriteEmbedProc;              lpvWriteStream: 
TFileStream;              pusCharCodeSet: PWORD; 
usCharCodeCount: WORD;              usLanguage: WORD;              var 
pTTEmbedInfo: TEmbedInfo): DWORD; stdcall;TWriteEmbedProc = 
function(lpvWriteStream: TFileStream; lpvBuffer: pointer; cbBuffer: DWORD): 
DWORD; stdcall;Thank youAlexander
8/27/2008 11:07:55 AM
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