IExplorerBrowserEvents does not work.

When i double click on a path in my application i simulate the default explorer command  as follows.

   Result := (LExplorerBrowser.BrowseToIDList(AbsoluteID, *SBSP_NEWBROWSER* or SBSP_ABSOLUTE)  =  S_OK);

Some times nothing happens when i double click on path. (for example: the destination path of a link points to a network drive that is not connected)

I want to give some feedback to the user.

I implemented the IExplorerBrowserEvents interface and use it:

   AResult := LExplorerBrowser.Advise(p, AdviseCookie); //p is of type IExplorerBrowserEvents

But the none of the functions (OnNavigation..) of the IExplorerBrowserEvents are called when i use *SBSP_NEWBROWSER*.

1. A valid PItemIDList
2. A valid IExplorerBrowser interface
3. A valid IExplorerBrowserEvents interface
4. All calls return S_OK

Question: Does IExplorerBrowserEvents not work with the flag SBSP_NEWBROWSER?

Raf Bakker
7/4/2015 10:37:40 AM
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