10.0.6 & 10.0.7 updates will not properly install in C++ Builder 2009

Okay, it looks like there is a problem with C++ Builder 2009 IntraWeb updates.  I ran my Delphi 2009 (we bought both) and the updates definately installed there (log on standalone server shows IntraWeb version 10.0.7.. source code shows 10.0.7 being used).  
   Everyone who has C++ Builder 2009 and has installed the new updates I need you to look at your standalone server log or your Source code on your intraweb browser, I'm betting you will see 10.0.0 instead of 10.0.7.  Is there anyone at Embarcadero who can test to see if this is true?  Have the updates been fully tested to make sure that they are being used in C++ Builder 2009 at run time, and not just by looking at the Help About in the IDE.  It seems there is a problem with the Intraweb include files as
 well..(too many parameters)  maybe the include files are using 10.0.0 but the package is 10.0.7?  I think I am now using version which is highly unstable (mixing the two versions?!?!).
2/12/2009 3:00:20 PM
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I have tried the following things with no success yet

1) Using the key e-mailed to me and reinstalling version 10.0.7
2) Adding C:\ProgramFiles\IntraWeb 10.0\LibCDS6 at the first entry in my "include" path in my project
3)  Adding C:\ProgramFiles\IntraWeb 10.0\LibCDS6 at the first entry in my "lib"path in my project
4) coping *.bpi files from my IntraWeb directory into CodeGear's bin directory
5) Completely removing my Borland Builder C++ 6.0 that I had on my machine just to make sure it wasn't interfering with my current build.

Still when I start a new project in C++ Builder 2009 I still get

Expiration Date: Never
Packaged Enterprise Edition
VCL for the Web Version: 10.0.0
VCL for the Web Build Date: Sep 05, 2008
HTTP Port: 8888

Anyone else have any ideas..?
2/12/2009 3:50:10 PM
Well, I've completely messed up my system.  I get application errors on my Rad studio IDE in the Intraweb_10_120 stuff, my tree nodes are all lined up wrong.. nothing works.  This is after manually copying over the IntraWeb files into my Builder C++ bin and lib directories.  Looks like I'm going to have to uninstall both IntraWeb and Builder C++ 2009 and just hope I can get back to version 10.0.0. Where my application somewhat worked.  And to think, I could have actually been working on my application ins
tead of dealing with this.
2/12/2009 6:11:03 PM