Using Delphi 7 and Delphi 2010

I had a project in Delphi 7.

I worked on it in Delphi 2010.

When I try to open the .dpr again in Delphi 7, the IDE toolbar widens across both monitors, and Delphi 7 locks up.

It appears that Delphi 2010 modifies the .dpr in a way that makes Delphi 7 unable to open it again. 

All my forms & units appear to open fine in D7 after D2010, except for the warnings on the ExplicitHeight and ExplicitWidth properties being missing...

I can easily recreate the .dpr, but is this expected behavior?

2/1/2010 3:09:15 AM
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Tom Field wrote:

> I had a project in Delphi 7.
> I worked on it in Delphi 2010.
> When I try to open the .dpr again in Delphi 7, the IDE toolbar widens
> across both monitors, and Delphi 7 locks up.
> It appears that Delphi 2010 modifies the .dpr in a way that makes
> Delphi 7 unable to open it again.

It is not the DPR file. It may be the DSK. 

Peter Below (TeamB)  
Don't be a vampire (, 
use the newsgroup archives :
2/1/2010 6:41:27 PM

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