modifying a frame inside a frame

Hi, All,

1) I have a frame (F1) that has a TPopupMenu (PM) with no menu items at 
all. The only reason PM is declared in F1 is that PM is popped up by F1 
manually (after simulating a left click, and then a right click on a 
TListBox to select the item under the mouse cursor). Components that use 
F1 are supposed to add menu items to PM themselves.

2) I drop F1 on another frame (F2).

3) I double-click on PM, add a menuitem to it, name it, and close the 
menu editor.

4) I click once on PM in the frame editor just to be presented with this 
error message: "List index out of bounds (0)". From then on, the same 
thing occurs every time I close the menu editor. If I click on any other 
component on the frame after closing the menu editor, no error occurs.

Another symptom: right after the menu editor closes, a "shadow 
component-edge" appears over the frame for a split second, the size of 
PM, then it disappears.

Anyone met the phenomenon? I tried googling it, but the only related bug 
I found is an older one that happens when you open a form that was 
created with an earlier version of Delphi.

I use TD2006.

Thanks for pointers in advance!
11/2/2009 8:09:11 PM
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I've just noticed that the same error message pops up even if I simply 
open up the menu editor by dbl-clicking the popup component, and then 
close it right away (=without adding any menu items to it).
11/2/2009 8:41:19 PM
András Lukács wrote:

> I use TD2006.

Have installed all available updates to D2006? This sounds like a bug
in the original release that was fixed in an update if my memory

Peter Below (TeamB)  
Don't be a vampire (, 
use the newsgroup archives :
11/3/2009 5:41:33 PM
It seems that there is one update I installed, which is called 
BDS2006HotFixRollup2.exe (the file date on my hard drive is 20 November, 
2007). I'll take a look at whether there are more available. Thanks.
11/3/2009 8:35:41 PM

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