How to debug VCL core module in Delphi [Edit]

Hi, all.

One of the Delphi programming strength is that VCL source code is opened compared with other compiler. Somtimes, I need to debug VCL core module such as Classes,pas or Forms.pas. Let me introduce simple tips. I will show you an example using Classes.pas file.

1. Make Project and save.
2. Goto Classes.pas. Ctrl C+V all file contents.
3. Add New - Unit, Ctrl+V, and save Classes.pas into the same folder with the project.
4. Try to debug.

5. When you try to add some VCL unit, you can meet the following error.
     *The project already contains a form or module names ".....".*
6. In this case, first, remove the exist unit in project file.

I hope it will be helpful to you.

Thank you.

Demo Video :

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Gilbert Lee wrote:

> I hope it will be helpful to you.

Why don't you just set the "[X] Use Debug Units" in the project options

Andreas Hausladen
4/3/2010 4:44:35 PM
> Why don't you just set the "[X] Use Debug Units" in the project options
> dialog?


Project Options - Compiler - Use Debug DCUs

Thank you for your information.
4/3/2010 4:52:16 PM

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