Invalid Interface reference

I use an interface to provide some functionality to another class/module. During shutdown of my
application, the original object/form is destroyed beofre the module with the interface reference.

How should I solve this problem? There may exist several TBSShapeUI objects using the TFViewMap. And
since these objects are created dynamically I have not full control about the destroy order.

cu Christian

Here are the fragments of my code:

  IBSShapeViewMap = interface
  // some methodes

  TBSShapeUI = class(TDataModule)
  strict private
    FViewMap : IBSShapeViewMap
    constructor Create(const AViewMap: IBSShapeViewMap); reintroduce;

  TFViewMap = class(TForm, IBSShapeViewMap)

constructor TBSShapeUI.Create(const AViewMap: IBSShapeViewMap);
  inherited Create(nil);
  FViewMap  := AViewMap;
8/5/2015 2:27:13 PM
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Christian wrote:

> I use an interface to provide some functionality to another
> class/module. During shutdown of my application, the original
> object/form is destroyed beofre the module with the interface
> reference.

TDataModule and TForm both derive from TComponent.  TComponent disables reference 
counting on itself when its VCLComObject property is nil.  So, if you create 
a TForm that implements an interface, the interface's reference count will 
have no effect and thus cannot be used to extend the TForm lifetime beyond 
the TDataModule's lifetime.

> How should I solve this problem?

You can either:

1. fix your destroy order so the TBSShapeUI objects are destroyed before 
the TFViewMap object.  Or at least reset their IBSShapeViewMap interface 
references to nil before the TFViewMap object is destroyed.

2. make use of the TFViewMap.FreeNotification() method so you can detect 
when it is being destroyed and update the TBSShapeUI objects accordingly 
so they don't try to access it anymore.

3. Assign an IVCLComObject interface to the TFViewMap.VCLComObject property 
to re-enable its reference counting.  You can either:

  a. create your own class that implements IVCLComObject, have it free the 
TFViewMap object in its destructor, and then you can create and assign an 
object of that class to the TFViewMap.VCLComObject property.

  b. read the TFViewMap.ComObject property, letting its getter method create 
its own IVCLComObject object internally for itself.  You can add the System.Win.VCLCom 
unit to your uses clause to use the VCL's default creation factory, or you 
can assign your own function to the System.Classes.CreateVCLComObjectProc 
callback.  It takes a TComponent as input and returns an IVCLComObject interface 
as output.

In the case of #3, the TFViewMap might still get freed first, if it is TApplication 
that is freeing it while TBSShapeUI objects are still alive.  Which goes 
back to #1.  When you have objects that depend on a particular destruction 
order,  you need to be more active about how the objects are getting destroyed, 
you cannot always rely on implicit destructions doing the right thing, at 
least when TComponent is involved anyway.

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
8/5/2015 6:19:37 PM
>TDataModule and TForm both derive from TComponent.  TComponent disables reference 
>counting on itself when its VCLComObject property is nil.  So, if you create 
>a TForm that implements an interface, the interface's reference count will 
>have no effect and thus cannot be used to extend the TForm lifetime beyond 
>the TDataModule's lifetime.

Yes I'm aware of that. We use that for some of our own classes as well.

>You can either:
Thanks for the suggestions.

I thought, if I would need only one method, I could pass a "reference to procedure" but I need about
3-4 methods from TFViewMap.

An abstract adapter class with a subclass of it in TFViewMap and then pass an instance of this class
would be a solution as well. More coding, but then I have no ref counting in TBSShapeUI and can just
free the adapter object in the Destroy method.

cu Christian
8/5/2015 8:30:12 PM

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