Derived Control - Click Event

I'm trying to create a control derived from TWinControl.  I've declared the 
OnClick event in the published section and it shows up on the object inspector 
when the control is sited on a form.

However, if I dbl click on the even in the object inspector and and assign a 
handler for it, it never gets called.

I've also tried overriding the Click procedure but that doesn't help either.

What am I missing?


Warm Regards,

8/17/2008 7:18:37 PM
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Wrong newsgroup. If you do not get an answer here post to

Bill Todd (TeamB)
8/17/2008 8:28:48 PM
Bill Todd wrote:
> Wrong newsgroup. If you do not get an answer here post to
> vcl.components.writing.

Oops.  You're right.  Please ignore and I will repost there.

Warm Regards,

8/17/2008 9:18:00 PM

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