Error in help- creating a firemonkey component- [Edit]

  function TDialogButtonPanel.GetStyleObject: TControl;
  function TDialogButtonPanel.GetStyleObject:*TFmxObject*;

2- and in the same function
  Style = 'MyPanelButtonsStyle';
  Style = *'DialogButtonPanelStyle'*;

The StyleName of the root (TRectangle) component in the .style file is coincidentally the same as the RCDATA name

Please, review then for the future

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> {quote:title=Germán Balbi wrote:}{quote}
> Please, review then for the future

If there's an issue with the help you'll need to report it in QC to get it fixed:

Also, a link to which page your talking about would be useful.

FireMonkey users guide
MonkeyStyler FireMonkey style designer
Embarcadero MVP
7/15/2013 7:01:10 PM

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