Delphi XE5 Android App dies preparing INDY email [Edit]

Can someone help me with the following code, it connects and authenticates the idsmtp connection but the app dies on the line:-

Anyone had and overcome this problem?

procedure TForm3.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
if idSMtp1.Connected = true then

   idsmtp1.Connect;                          //THIS LINE WORKS
   idSmtp1.Authenticate;                                            //THIS LINE WORKS
   idMessage1.Clear;                                                 //THIS LINE WORKS
   idMessage1.From.Text := 'Testing';                            //THIS LINE WORKS
   idMessage1.From.Address:='' ;    //THIS LINE WORKS

   idMessage1.Recipients.EMailAddresses:='';           \\several different live email addresses tried

   idMessage1.Priority :=mpHigh;
   idMessage1.Subject:='Indy Test Email';
   idMessage1.Body.Add('this is the indy message body');

      ShowMEssage('Did not send');

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10/13/2013 10:13:21 AM
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Clive Morgan wrote:

> Can someone help me with the following code, it connects and authenticates the idsmtp connection but the app dies on
> the line:-    idMessage1.Recipients.EMailAddresses:='';

In the version that shipped with XE5, there's a bug (caused by the introduction of zero based strings) in the email
address parsing which causes it to go into an endless loop. The latest source fixes this issue, and a zip of the source
is available, here:

(the first in the list)

What I do is unzip the source to a directory separate from the source installed with XE5, and set the search paths
either on a project basis, or "globally" using Tools|Options, Environment Options->Delphi Options->Library. The
required folders are under the Lib folder, namely Core, Protocols and System.

Dave Nottage [TeamB]
10/14/2013 12:25:36 AM
Dave wrote:

> In the version that shipped with XE5, there's a bug (caused by
> the introduction of zero based strings)

I just recently found out that another ZBS-related bug in the shipping version 
of Indy in XE5 (which has already been fixed) indirectly causes a safecall 
failure in DataSnap on mobile systems (see QC #118633).  Just goes to show 
that Zero-Based Strings can be REALLY DANGEROUS!

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
10/14/2013 6:53:52 AM

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