Delphi iOS 7 firemonkey xe5 VideoZoomFactor unimplemented

I want to use the new IOS 7 AVCaptureDevice feature VideoZoomFactor in Delphi XE5 but the feature hasn't been implemented.
Is there a good way to use features that haven't yet been added to base objects in delphi? Are those header files, like IOSapi.AVFoundation.pas machine generated? 
I modified the files FX.Media.IOS, iOSap.AVFoundation and FMX.Media to add the missing feature i wanted and recompiled. That worked for this feature, but I would like to find a better way.
is there a timetable to releasing the iOS 7 features in firemonkey?  I was kind of surprised to find it missing.  Xamarin put their full ios7 support out on day 1.  In fact, I used their code to help me figure out how to add VideoZoomFactor to Firemonkey.
I hate to complain.  What I've seen so far with Firemonkey is pretty incredible.
thanks for any ideas
10/30/2013 5:57:08 AM
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