Combox and "lookup" values under Firemonkey [Edit]


How can I manage this ? :

I have a dataset with ID and Description fields.
I need the records to be displayed in a comboBox. Description need to be displayed. ID should be hidden.

I was able to display these records on a comboBox (using livebindings) but I can't find a way to get my ID value.
I'm doing this rigth now :

Here is how I've set my visual binding :
[BINDSOURCEDB].ID ----> [COMBOBOX].Item.LookupData
[BINDSOURCEDB].Description ----> [COMBOBOX].Item.Text

Here is my code (OnButonClick)

  if Assigned(ComboBox1.Selected) then
    if MyDataset.Locate('Description',ComboBox1.Selected.Text,[]) then
     label1.Text = MyDataset.FieldByName('ID').AsString;

How can I get .Item.LookupData ?
I'm right now doing a locate on my dataset ! This is cumbersome, isn't there another way to get my ID ?

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