FireDAC backup OnProgress (Firebird) [Edit]

I am using Delphi XE6 and am implementing the FireDAC backup/restore procedures (TFDFBNBackup/Restore), but the OnProgress event is NOT getting fired. Has this been fixed in XE8, or am I missing something? And if the event ever got fired, how would I determine the progress from the variables passed to the OnProgress method (see below)? 
Here is what should get called in my program:
  procedure TfrmUtil.FBDBProgress(ASender: TFDPhysDriverService;  const AMessage: string);

One more question. What kind of backup gets created? Is this an internal format for FireDAC, or could the backup be restored with Firebird's GBAK routine?

Thanks for any help

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8/17/2015 6:24:38 PM
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> {quote:title=quinn wildman wrote:}{quote}
> Eric Buescher wrote:
> > One more question. What kind of backup gets created? Is this an internal format for FireDAC, or could the backup be restored with Firebird's GBAK routine?
> It would be a regular FireBird backup, the same that gbak would create.

Quinn, thanks. Any ideas on why the OnProgress event isn't getting fired?
8/17/2015 6:25:43 PM
Firebird Nbackup service does not support OnProgress event handler.
More precisely isc_service_query API returns nothing.

With best regards,
Dmitry Arefiev / FireDAC Architect
8/18/2015 8:54:35 AM

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