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Casually I found that if Table1.edit line of code is written "before" Table1.First, Table exit from  Edit Mode.
Can someone confirm the above and tell more about why ? Thanks
5/24/2015 8:49:08 PM
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Manlio Laschena wrote:

> Casually I found that if Table1.edit line of code is written "before"
> Table1.First, Table exit from  Edit Mode.  Can someone confirm the
> above and tell more about why ? Thanks

Casually should be replaced here with *always*. The edit mode is for
the record moving the cursor will always change the dataset mode.
5/25/2015 2:47:06 PM
Thanks for the answer. We "latin" have a different syntax :-) "Casually" was referred to myself, just because, during years, did never happen to me to put Table1.Edit before Table1.First, so I was never aware of the mode modification.
Anyhow Thanks

> {quote:title=Lajos Juhasz wrote:}{quote}
> Manlio Laschena wrote:
> > Casually I found that if Table1.edit line of code is written "before"
> > Table1.First, Table exit from  Edit Mode.  Can someone confirm the
> > above and tell more about why ? Thanks
> Casually should be replaced here with *always*. The edit mode is for
> the record moving the cursor will always change the dataset mode.
5/26/2015 11:55:38 AM

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