Size of TWideString field


I have one strange situation in one of my project.
My WideString fields size is 3 times larger that it is in database 
because Firebird with UNICODE_FSS give me a option to store 3 time 
larger strings in field and accept it in database.
Now I have new version of database which is UTF8 and my fields are now 
has option to store only regular number of characters.
Anyway I have one question if my WideString fields size is 3 times 
larger is this problem for app in part where app comunicate with 
database and it will take more memory on app starting no matter what is 
realy varchar length?

Thanks in advance...

Sasa Mihajlovic
Life is to short to be boring, keep smiling...
5/11/2015 9:24:53 AM
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