Delphi 7 with ADO DBGrid, entering contents of record into variables. [Edit]

Hi there,

For my A-Level computing coursework I'm using a Delphi front-end on an MS Access Database, to store information on customers and create an invoice for them, by calculating data within the database.

Basically my problem is this:

Is there a way that the user can select a specific record within a DBGrid component, and then have a procedure that will assign the contents of each field for this specific record into a separate variable?

E.g. the Record goes like

Name: John Smith
Date of Birth: 04/09/2005,

and when that record is selected, the data contained within name will be assigned to a relevant delphi variable entitled 'name' etc

Also,there will be variables of different types, including integers, strings and booleans. Can I make it account for this as well?


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I would get the data from the ado query instead of getting the data from the dbgrid.

sVariableName := qryName.FieldByName('').AsString (or asInteger...whatever your data type)

I use 3rd party DBGrids that make it easy for me to detect when the selected row has changed...but you could get this from the ado query.  Take a look at the query's AfterScroll method.  Note:  AfterScroll fires when the state of the query changes, for example when switching to Insert or Edit mode.  You could check to make sure the query is in browse mode and if so assign the values to your variables:

if qryName.State = dsBrowse then

I hope this helps
2/6/2009 1:19:26 PM
Create an AfterScroll event handler for the ADODataSet that
supplies data to to the grid. In the event handler use

AVariable := ADODataSet1.FieldByName('SomeField').AsString;

Replace AsString with the correct property for the data
type of the variable (AsInteger, AsFloat, etc.).

Bill Todd (TeamB)
2/6/2009 2:39:07 PM

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