problem with a component that has other components

Hi ! I am writing a component that has multiple elements inside (edit, buttons etc).
I started with TWinControl and then created inside TEdit and other elements.
The problem: when window below my component is updated, the Edit does not repaint (looks transparent).
Apparently I violate the paint message propagation ... Please help me! Also let me know if there are better ways to make such a control. 
12/3/2010 7:48:56 PM
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<Boris Epel> wrote in message

> I started with TWinControl

Consider deriving your main component from TPanel or TFrame or some other 
container, instead of TWinControl directly.

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
12/3/2010 10:33:55 PM
Thank you, Remy.
> Consider deriving your main component from TPanel or TFrame or some other 
> container, instead of TWinControl directly.

TPanel container works the same like TWin Control (edit disappears until it forced to repaint).
When I put my control on Form - no problem. When I use control as a child on a stringgrid to edit a cell and grid is updated later then my control
the Edit is not repainted. Funny enough buttons are fine. Panel itself is also fine. May be it is a Windows bug ...

12/4/2010 12:53:47 AM
<Boris Epel> wrote in message

> TPanel container works the same like TWin Control
> (edit disappears until it forced to repaint).

Then you are likely not setting up the components correctly to begin with. 
Please show your actual code.

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
12/6/2010 7:23:33 PM
Hi Remy,
The control is derived from TPanel, beside TEdit a custom made button is added.
everything else is painted directly on TPanel in Paint
other functions are keyboard events.

class PACKAGE SSpinEdit : public TPanel
    SSpinButton *FButton;
    TEdit       *FEdit;
    void __fastcall ChangeControlLayout(void);
    void __fastcall Paint(void);

__fastcall SSpinEdit::SSpinEdit(TComponent* Owner)
        : FEdit(NULL), FButton(NULL), TPanel(Owner)
  FButton = new SSpinButton(this);
  FEdit   = new TEdit(this);
  FEdit->Visible = true;
  FEdit->Parent = this;
  FEdit->OnKeyDown = EditKeyDown;
  FEdit->OnKeyUp = EditKeyUp;
  FEdit->OnKeyPress = EditKeyPress;
  FEdit->OnChange = EditChange;
  FEdit->ParentFont = true;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::ChangeControlLayout(void)
    FButton->SetBounds(0, 0, Height, Height);
    FEdit->SetBounds(Height, 0, btn_shift, Height);
12/6/2010 9:20:16 PM
<Boris Epel> wrote in message

> The control is derived from TPanel, beside TEdit a
> custom made button is added.

If that is all the component consists of, then I would suggest deriving from 
TEdit directly instead, and let it manage its own associated button (much 
like the VCL's own TLabeledEdit and TButtonedEdit components do), eg:

class PACKAGE SSpinEdit : public TEdit
    typedef TEdit inherited;

    SSpinButton *FButton;

    MESSAGE void __fastcall CMEnabledChanged(TMessage &Message);
    MESSAGE void __fastcall CMVisibleChanged(TMessage &Message);

    virtual void __fastcall Notification(TComponent *AComponent, TOperation 
    virtual void __fastcall SetBounds(int ALeft, int ATop, int AWidth, int 
    virtual void __fastcall SetParent(TWinControl *AParent);

    DYNAMIC void __fastcall KeyDown(Word &Key, TShiftState Shift);
    DYNAMIC void __fastcall KeyUp(Word &Key, TShiftState Shift);
    DYNAMIC void __fastcall KeyPress(Char &Key);
    DYNAMIC void __fastcall Change();

    __fastcall SSpinEdit(TComponent *Owner);


__fastcall SSpinEdit::SSpinEdit(TComponent* Owner)
    : TEdit(Owner), FButton(NULL)
    FButton = new SSpinButton(this);
    ParentFont = true;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::CMEnabledChanged(TMessage &Message)
    if( FButton ) FButton->Enabled = Enabled;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::CMVisibleChanged(TMessage &Message)
    if( FButton ) FButton->Visible = Visible;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::Notification(TComponent *AComponent, TOperation 
    inherited::Notification(AComponent, Operation);
    if( (AComponent == FButton) && (Operation == opRemove) )
        FButton = NULL;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::SetBounds(int ALeft, int ATop, int AWidth, int 
    FButton->SetBounds(ALeft, ATop, AHeight, AHeight);
    inherited::SetBounds(ALeft + AHeight, ATop, AWidth - AHeight, AHeight);

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::SetParent(TWinControl *AParent)
    if( FButton ) FButton->Parent = AParent;

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::KeyDown(Word &Key, TShiftState Shift)
    inherited::KeyDown(Key, Shift);

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::KeyUp(Word &Key, TShiftState Shift)
    inherited::KeyUp(Key, Shift);

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::KeyPress(Char &Key)

void __fastcall SSpinEdit::Change()

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
12/6/2010 10:51:27 PM

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