sprintf issue

//C++ Builder XE7 

Edit1->Text = "Cavalieri";

AnsiString URL = "xyz.com?Name=";
AnsiString Name = Edit1->Text;

AnsiString  s1;
s1.sprintf("%s%s", URL, Edit1->Text);

AnsiString s2;
s2.sprintf("%s%s", URL, Name);

At this point:
s1 = "xyz.com?Name=C";
s2 = "xyz.com?Name=Cavalieri";


Why can't I embed a TEdit directly in a sprintf statement?  I'm sure it's a Unicode issue.

7/1/2015 5:19:10 PM
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Doug wrote:

> AnsiString  s1;
> s1.sprintf("%s%s", URL, Edit1->Text);

That will not work as shown.  In CB2009+, Edit1->Text is a UnicodeString, 
not an AnsiString.  The AnsiString::sprintf() method expects a char* for 
its "%s" format specifier, but UnicodeString is based on wchar_t* instead, 
so you need to use "%ls" instead of "%s" for wchar_t* input to AnsiString::sprintf(). 
 Also, you need to use the (Ansi|Unicode)String::c_str() method to get the 
actual pointer to the character data, do not pass (Ansi|Unicode)String objects 

AnsiString  s1;
s1.sprintf("%s%ls", URL.c_str(), Edit1->Text.c_str());

> AnsiString s2;
> s2.sprintf("%s%s", URL, Name);

This work, only because the Ansi "%s" specifer expects char* and AnsiString 
is based on char*.  But again, use the c_str() method, at least:

AnsiString s2;
s2.sprintf("%s%s", URL.c_str(), Name.c_str());

> At this point:
> s1 = "xyz.com?Name=C";

Yes, because you passed a wchar_t* where a char* was expected, so the data 
was interpretted as a null-terminated Ansi string and the second byte in 
the wchar_t* data was a null.

> Why can't I embed a TEdit directly in a sprintf statement?

You can, you are just doing it the wrong way.  Not only because of the Ansi/Unicode 
issue of sprintf(), but also because you are not even encoding the URL's 
parameter data correctly anyway.  Reserved characters and Unicode characters 
need to be charset-encoded (typically to UTF-8) and then url-encoded in "%XX" 

You need to do something more like this:

AnsiString UrlParamEncode(const UTF8String &Value)
    AnsiString ret;
    for (int i = 1; i <= Value.Length();)
        char c = Value[i];
        if (c <= 0x7F)
            if (((c >= 'A') && (c <= 'Z')) ||
                ((c >= 'a') && (c <= 'z')) ||
                ((c >= '0') && (c <= '9')))
                ret += c;
                ret.cat_sprintf("%%%02X", c);
            int len;
            if ((c & 0xE0) == 0xC0)
                len = 2;
            else if ((c & 0xF0) == 0xE0)
                len = 3;
                len = 4;
            for (int j = 0; j < len; ++j)
                ret.cat_sprintf("%%%02X", Value[i+j]);
            i += len;

AnsiString s1 = URL + UrlParamEncode(Edit1->Text);

Or, using Indy, which ships pre-installed in the IDE, you can use its TIdURI 
class to encode URLs, eg:

#include <IdURI.hpp>

AnsiString s1 = URL + TIdURI::ParamsEncode(Edit1->Text);


#include <IdURI.hpp>

AnsiString s1 = TIdURI::URLEncode(URL + Edit1->Text);

Remy Lebeau (TeamB)
7/1/2015 6:13:47 PM
Thank you for the nice answer!

7/15/2015 4:55:26 AM

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