ADOQuery "Dataset not in edit or insert mode" when higher lev query inserts

I have a series of ADOQueries which all have their Data Sources linked to the query "above" them.  So changing what I am viewing in my highest level query will cascade down and display multiple levels of data.

The problem I am having now is that when I try to perform an insert on my top level Query (using the DBNavigator component) the Query right below it gives the error: 
"ADOQuery2: Dataset not in edit or insert mode".  It throws this error twice and then proceeds to let me enter new information in all queries.  So basically, it does what I want, it just throws up and error first.

I have tried closing the dataset in various "before insert" events, setting its Active property to false, and calling its Edit() function but nothing seems to stop the error.  I even tried catching the Exception at the Application level but it didn't seem to go through there.

Any ideas on how to get this error to stop showing up or, better yet, to fix the underlying problem?
1/9/2013 4:14:46 PM
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I was able to find a solution, though I don't think it is ideal.  Setting the Active property to true is the way to go, the only problem is that calling Edit() before hand does not work.  What does work is calling Insert before hand.  I was even able to do this in my top level query's BeforeInsert event.


void __fastcall TForm2::ADOQuery1BeforeInsert(TDataSet *DataSet) 
  ADOQuery2->Active = false;

I'm surprised that Insert turned out to work while Edit would not though.  As far as I can tell I don't want my second query to go into an insert, I just want it to go blank until it gets a value from ADOQuery1 (its datasource).  2 doesn't end up inserting anything, it just waits for 1 to finish.
1/9/2013 8:16:45 PM
> {quote:title=Roberto Sullivinski wrote:}{quote}

> Solution:
> void __fastcall TForm2::ADOQuery1BeforeInsert(TDataSet *DataSet) 
> {
>   ADOQuery2->Insert();
>   ADOQuery2->Active = false;
> }

As an update, I ended up having to remove this.  It caused too many other cascading errors and I had to redesign how my inserts works.
1/22/2013 5:54:45 PM

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