Qualifying products for Borland C++ Builder Pro 2006 Update

Hi there. My question is not exactly on topic but I think it's definitely a question about installation although not a technical one.

I could buy Borland C++ Builder Pro 2006 Update, but I don't know whether I own a product that qualifies for the update. (before I buy I want to know whether I need extra software and which one)

Can one update from Turbo Delphi 2006 or Delphi 3 Standard ?
Or from Borland C++ 3 Standard or from Borland C++ 5 Standard ?
Or only from professional versions like Borland C++ 3 Prof or from Borland C++ 5 Prof ?
Or do I need version 6 ?

Please don't advise me to buy the later versions instead, cause I could get the Borland C++ Builder Pro 2006 Update much cheaper and it would be sufficient .. at least for now.


René André Poeltl
12/11/2010 2:30:16 AM
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