Llicense, installations and other doubts regarding C++ Builder XE [Edit]

I’ve just downloaded and installed C++ Builder XE Trial under Win XP SP3.

I have some doubts in case I buy the software (it would be C++ Builder XE Pro and I’m a single user):

1 -  How would I register the new license and get rid of the trial version?
(I couldn’t find a menu item to "Register a definitive license")

2 - Will I have to uninstall the trial version and do a new installation with the new license key?

3 - In such case, will I have to download the software again or can I use the files already downloaded
(the .7zip and the documentation files saved previously)?

Obviously, I’d like my developed software to run flawlessly under XP, Vista and 7.
I can boot XP, Vista and Win7 in my computer and I plan to do the software development under Win7 
(and of course, install C++ Builder XE in that partition).
Supposing a certain developed application behaves strangely when running under Vista or XP, I figure
it would be nice to be able to debug it under that OS.

4 - So the question is: once I buy it, can I install C++ Builder XE under these 3 partitions in the same 
computer (that is, I would install it and register it 3 times)? Is this possible? 
Or will I be limited to do a single installation and have to introduce code in the developed application
to figure out what is going wrong when running under the other OSes?
(Miss the old and clear Borland's no non-sense concept: "treat software just like a book")

5 - How does future uninstallation and installations work, regarding the registered license?
If a I buy a new computer and uninstall Builder XE from the old computer and install it in
the new one, will I have a problem to register the new installation?

The same doubt applies to the case of a hard disk crash, in which a new installation
would have to be done and there was no uninstallation of the previous copy.

6 - It is stated in Embarcadero’s website that:

Licenses are included with the product that enable you to download and use previous versions of the product, as follows: 
C++Builder XE includes licenses for C++Builder 2010, 2009, 2007 and 6. 

Can I install any of those AFTER I have installed C++ Builder XE, without any issues?


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