CBXE8 - IDE hangs and freezes within 2-3 minutes under Windows 10 Pro x64 [Edit] #2

*Version:* Embarcadero® C++Builder XE8 Version 22.0.19027.8951 and Indy 10.
*OS:* Window 10 Pro x64

I encountered the CBXE8 IDE hangs during Android mobile coding or editing and resulted in "*NOT RESPONDING*".

This issues had been happening quite frequent during Windows 8 Pro x64 as well.

I am not sure what options setting causing this "hanging" or "waiting" stage, sometime it resumes normally, or just hang there.

However, I changed few of header file format  from Little Endian to ANSI.

The reason this change is made is because this header files were used in Visual Studio as UNICODE format and when compiled under CBXE8, it reported 'NULL' character warning.

After changing to ANSI file format, I noticed the "waiting" or "hang" problem is not happening ( it does pause a while but resumed as normal ).

I am not sure what is going wrong ?

Please advise.
8/12/2015 6:56:02 AM
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