c++ builder 2007 ATL problem

I converted an activex project from bcb6 to c++ builder 2007 but when I try build the project I get error messages pertaining to the use of macro of ATL in c++ builder 2007.

Sample of error code:

class ATL_NO_VTABLE TSevenSegXImpl:
  VCLCONTROL_IMPL(TSevenSegXImpl, SevenSegX, TSevenSeg, ISevenSegX, DIID_ISevenSegXEvents)

Atlwin.h code(From c++ builder 2007)


// This macro is used to encapsulate the various base classes an ActiveX VCL Control derives from.
#define VCLCONTROL_IMPL(cppClass, CoClass, VclClass, intf, EventID) \
   public TVclControlImpl<cppClass, VclClass, &CLSID_##CoClass, &IID_##intf, &EventID, LIBID_OF_##CoClass>,\
   public IDispatchImpl<intf, &IID_##intf, LIBID_OF_##CoClass>, \
   public TEvents_##CoClass<cppClass>

Errors were:
[BCC32 Error] File.h(16): E2303 Type name expected
[BCC32 Error] File.h(16): E2275 { expected
[BCC32 Error] File.h(16): E2029 'TSevenSegXImpl' must be a previously defined class or struct.

If anyone can please explain why I get this error messages.
Thanks in advance.

2/9/2009 2:32:37 AM
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